Web3 Penetration Testing

Protect Your Platform with Cutting-Edge Penetration Testing

Our Web3 Penetration Testing Service provides advanced security for your digital platform. Identifying and tackling vulnerabilities, we ensure your platform’s resilience through real-world simulations.

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Complete Security

Our Web3 Penetration Testing service provides a thorough security assessment for your network, applications, and cloud services, addressing smart contract vulnerabilities and middleware security.

Red Team Focused on
Web3 Penetration Testing

We employ advanced offensive hacking techniques to simulate real-world attacks. Rely on our expertise to ensure comprehensive security testing for your Web3 project.

Front-End and Back-End
Systems Security

Hacks in the Web3 ecosystem are not only caused by smart contract vulnerabilities. We focus on identifying weaknesses in the front-end and back-end systems that can contribute to security breaches.

Comprehensive Security

To effectively protect your project, good security measures are vital. We cover all aspects, including smart contracts, front and back-end systems, to mitigate potential threats and safeguard your funds.

Common vulnerabilities found in
Web3 Penetration Testing

Cryptographic Encryption
Algorithm Risk

Brute Force Verification
Code Risk

Domain Takeover

Official Mailbox


Malicious File


Broken Access

Consequences of unaddressed
vulnerabilities in your Web3 Project


Attackers can modify the content displayed on the hijacked subdomain, tarnishing your brand’s image and reputation.

Phishing attacks

Hijacked subdomains create fake login pages to deceive users and obtain sensitive information.

Malware distribution

The hacked subdomain can be used to disseminate malware, infecting unsuspecting visitors’ devices.

Data theft

Subdomain control enables attackers to access sensitive data, leading to breaches and unauthorized disclosure.

Loss of trust

Users may lose confidence in your platform’s security, which can result in reduced traffic, customer attrition, and damage to your reputation.

SEO impact

Search engines may penalize your website for hosting malicious content or engaging in phishing, negatively affecting your search rankings.

Expanding the attack surface

Gaining control of a subdomain could provide hackers with additional avenues to target other parts of your infrastructure, escalating the overall security risk.

Customized development solutions

End-to-End Solutions for
Your Web3 Project

At ClearChainX we exceed client expectations with our comprehensive services. Our team of skilled developers prioritizes security and can assist you with technical architecture, development, and audits. Trust us to deliver a secure project tailored to your needs.

Expert Guidance and
Seamless Experience

In addition to development and audits, we offer expertise in token economics, security consultation, whitepaper development, and infrastructure development. Count on us to prioritize your success and provide a stress-free experience at every step.

Customized Development

Our portfolio includes ZK Blockchain, Layer1/2, ZKEvm DeFi Protocol, DeFi Trading Bots, NFT Marketplace, and more. We offer a range of customized development solutions to meet your specific requirements.


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