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Owning digital assets requires interacting with all blockchains and exchanges without exposing your holdings to security breaches. ChainSphere elevates this idea, ensuring your assets remain safeguarded and secure at all times.

One app, all needs
to complete any transaction

Protect digital assets against all attacks.


Multi-layer security

ChainSphere combines MPC-CMP with hardware isolation to create a multi-layer security technology. ChainSphere uses a new version of KYT (Know-Your-Transaction) to protect and defend your assets from cybersecurity risk, human error, and compromised ledgers.

Connect to multiple exchanges

Rebalance and access several exchanges from the comfort of your DeFi wallet across spot, derivatives, and many more.

Widest coins and tokens support

With our multi coin ledger, you can manage and secure coins or tokens from various blockchains. Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shib and more.


Secure & seamless
digital asset management

Unrivaled Security

Advanced MPC, HSMs ensure
top-notch protection.

Enhanced Scalability

Adapts to expanding digital
asset needs.

Streamlined Operations

User-friendly interface simplifies asset management.

Direct Custody

Comprehensive, customizable
custody solutions provided.

Improved Compliance

Wallet supports regulatory
requirements fulfillment.

Customer Support

Expert assistance for complex
asset management.


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