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With ClearSphere Ledger and the leading development team for customized solutions. See why partners like USFCR, TradingView, Plaid, Sila, and numerous others choose us. We simplify your integration into the Web 3.0 landscape.

Transform your business by harnessing the power of Blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs.

See why our partners stick with us.

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Payment Rails

Your express track to swift, secure transactions.

Blockchain Integration

Elevate your business with
the power of blockchain.

NFT Solutions

Discover digital brilliance
through NFTs.

Know. Trust. Act. Own.

Transparency, scalability and stability
taken to a whole different level 

ChainSphere Ledger

Innovating useability
with the touch of a button 

The most secure DeFi Asset Manager on the market.

With security measures like KYT (know your transaction), MPC, CMP, and more we keep your ledger secure so you don’t have to.

ClearChainX Blockchain

Sophistication without

ClearChainX is developing a zero-knowledge proof blockchain with enhanced security for users, offering insurance and assurance. A rewards system will also be introduced, allowing token redemption for everyday purchases based on the spending.

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BSIP Initiative

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for the future of Web3

Reduce costs, explore blockchain opportunities, and prepare for government contracting’s future with the Blockchain Solutions & Integration Program.


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of blockchain development

ClearChainX is a leading blockchain enterprise solutions company.

We arm enterprises and blockchain enthusiast worldwide to build next-gen apps, upgrading infrastructure loads to handle more efficiently, and utilize decentralized web access.

Partners Program

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With our leading blockchain products, we offer access to custom benefits and exclusive business opportunities to our technology partners, integrators, application firms, and software vendors.


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